A premium choice for Soffit and Fascia


A Premium Choice for Soffit and Fascia


Superior Selection for Soffit and Fascia Application and Interior Cladding

NUECLAD Panels combine aesthetics and functionality, offering a wide color option, rich wood tones, Matt, Shiny or Metallic finishes. These precisely engineered panels are durable again harsh climate conditions and they are a perfect choice for residential and commercial spaces.

The V-groove joint in NUECLAD creates a smooth surface with minimal panel gaps. This precision engineering ensures a flush finish, catering to the exacting standards of architects, builders, and contractors. NUECLAD gives you the chance to have a product that bring aesthetics with functionality together, enhancing both the visual and structural aspects of your projects.

V-groove joint in NUECLAD

NueClad Benefits

  • Convenient Installation Management: Sturdy construction while being lightweight for easy movement and maintaining stability.

  • No maintenance required: No sanding, painting, or coating required. Can be effortlessly cleaned with water.

  • Long-lasting: Appropriate for varying weather conditions and temperature fluctuations.

  • Reliable Weather Endurance: Enjoy the advantages of UV Protection technology, which shields against color changes, guaranteeing enduring allure.

  • Pre-finished and customizable: Arrives without a pre-applied coating, providing the flexibility to choose personalized staining that mimics various wood finishes.

  • Impact Resistance: Specially engineered to withstand scratches and impacts in all conditions and climates.

NueClad Trims & Accessories

Architectural Marvels in

Soffit Design

NUECLAD: A Premium Choice for Soffit and Fascia

Upgrade exteriors with top-tier soffit panels, crucial for entrances, overhangs, patios, and commercial spaces. Proper ventilation controls moisture, prevents condensation, and regulates temperatures. Full-width venting ensures a seamless finish. Elevate projects with NUECLAD superior soffit & Fascia solutions.

Versatile Soffit Solutions for Architects and Builders

NueClad offers architects and builders a versatile range of soffit solutions for both interior and exterior applications. With a variety of finishes, colors, and patterns, achieve a natural wood look with ease. Nuewal easy-to-install wood soffits, aluminum soffit are available in a range of colors, providing a seamless blend of style and functionality.


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