Superior Product for Exterior Wall Siding


Superior Product for Exterior Wall Siding


Exterior House Siding: Redefine Your Facade with Versatile Solutions!

Explore the versatility of exterior wall siding panels with NUEBOARD, catering to house siding and wall cladding needs for residential and commercial projects. Easily adaptable for vertical or horizontal installation, it offers a range of finishes and patterns suitable for modern, contemporary, and traditional styles. The inclusion of Flat and channelled Joint ensures a decorative finish in both orientations, guaranteeing an eye-catching and aesthetic appeal.

Exterior Wall Siding Panel

Available in two panel shapes

Channelled Joint

This product range features a Channelled Joint with a 10 mm spacing between the planks, offering an ideal solution for projects where designers aim to achieve a 3D effect for each plank, with visible lines accentuating the wall’s visual appeal.

NueBoard Channelled Joint

Flat Joint

With a fine line of v-groove ensures a smooth, flat finish, minimizing visible panel lines. Designers commonly select this product line when aiming for a sleek surface with minimal lines for a seamless appearance.

NueBoard Flat Joint

NueBoard Benefits

  • Easy to Handle & Install: Boasting a solid build that remains lightweight for effortless movement and ensuring easy leveling

  • Low Maintenance: No sanding, coating, or painting required. Simply washable with water for easy cleaning

  • Durable: Suitable for all weather conditions and temperature changes

  • Unwavering Weather Durability: Benefit from UV Protection technology that safeguards against color alterations, ensuring long-lasting attractiveness

  • Pre-Finished & Stainable: Arrives prefinished without coating, offers stainable options akin to wood finishes.

  • Impact Resistance: Resistant to scratches and impacts, suitable for various conditions and climates

NueBoard Trims & Accessories

Innovative Architectural in

Siding Design

NUEBOARD: A Top-tier Selection for Exterior House Cladding

Discover Nuewal PVC wall cladding and house siding-mimicking wood aesthetics without the upkeep. Designed for interior and exterior use, its durable PVC construction ensures adaptability to diverse climates. With varied colors and profiles, our ready-to-use cladding offers hassle-free installation for renovations or new constructions. Elevate your spaces with our functional yet visually appealing solutions.

Diverse Finishes for Timeless Curb Appeal: NueBoard Exterior House Siding

Experience NUEBOARD engineered for exterior wall siding use. The panels merge style and functionality, ideal for the projects where architects are planning to specify a decorative, durable and maintenance-free cladding.


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