Welcome to Nuewal,

Welcome to Nuewal,

The Premium Architectural Products Supplier for Exterior and Interior Application!

The Premium Architectural Products Supplier for Exterior and Interior Application!


Build with Confidence: Lets Connect!


Build with Confidence: Lets Connect!

Innovative Cladding and Facade Design Solutions

Explore NUEWAL Inc, the ultimate destination for premium cladding and facade solutions. Delve into our weather-resistant cladding panels, offering a variety of colors, textures, and patterns for stunning exterior wall siding application.

NueBoard - Exterior Siding Options

Reliable Wall Siding You Can Trust

NUEBOARD PVC profiles feature diverse exterior wall siding options, mimicking wood or metal for architectural appeal. Ideal for exterior and interior use, NUEBOARD provides efficient cladding solutions for new constructions or renovation.

Check out the high-quality siding product options, ideal for residential and commercial projects. durable and long-lasting Product made out of PVC that creates aesthetics and sustainability for your exterior siding needs.

Right Choice to Differentiate From Conventional Soffits

Soffit Cladding Perfected: NueClad‘s Superior Options

Versatile soffit and interior siding product that provides architectural feature with ease through a variety of finishes and colors. easy-to-install, blend style with functionality seamlessly in various colors.

  • Long Lasting

  • Low Maintenance

  • Convenient Installation

  • Weather Durability

  • Impact Resistance

  • Pre-Finished & Stainable

NueClad - Exterior Soffit Panels

A Range of Colors & Finishes to Suit Diverse Preferences and Aesthetics

Available in several embosses: Deep Emboss, Woodtic & Smooth, Solid colors also come in wood patterns.

Available mainly in solid colors and comes in smooth or rough textures for unique & modern feature walls or ceilings.

Available in Pine, Oak, Walnut and other wood grains. Can be applied raw (non-stained) or stained where a natural wood finish is required.

NueBoard & NueClad Benefits

  • Easily Manageable Installation: Featuring a sturdy yet lightweight build for easy handling and straightforward installation, allowing for effortless adjustments.

  • Minimal Upkeep: Eliminating the need for sanding, coating, or painting, as it requires only simple water cleaning for maintenance.

  • Weather-Resistant and Long-Lasting: Built to withstand diverse weather conditions and temperature changes, ensuring durability.

  • Reliable Against Weathering: Utilize UV Protection technology to maintain color integrity over time, promising sustained aesthetic appeal.

  • Pre-Finished and Customizable: Delivered pre-finished without coating, offering options for personal staining resembling wood finishes.

  • Resilient Against Impact: Engineered to resist scratches and impacts, ensuring suitability for various climates and conditions.

Find Your Style: Discover Our Range of Facade Solutions Today!