PVC Siding


Our PVC cladding profiles offer architectural interest through a decorative effect that simulates the look of wood or metal. The use of PVC makes our product suitable to both exterior and interior applications with the added benefit of performing to a high standard in various climates.

NueBoard siding ships ready to use and does not require further treatments once on the construction site, making it suited for both new construction and renovations.

Our products are not restricted to modern or contemporary homes, they are a great choice for any type of home and will work with all designs.

Features & Benefits

  • Cost effective
  • Quick installation
  • Durable and low maintenance
  • All weather application, NueBoard panels resist to UV radiation, high and low
    temperature performance
  • Color stability
  • Adds minimal thickness to wall assembly


Wood Pattern

Available in several embosses:

Deep embosses, Woodtic, Smooth and solid colours also come in wood pattern

Matt Finish

Available mainly is solid colours, and comes with both smooth and Rough Textures for Unique and modern feature walls or ceilings.  


Available in Pine, Oak, Walnut and other wood grains.


Amaranth – NU02.03.07

Black Wood – NU02.03.02

Dark Oak – NU03.02.18

Dark Winchester – NU02.02.06

Golden Oak – NU03.02.01

Honey Oak – NU02.03.05

Light Oak – NU02.03.04

Matt Black – NU02.01.14

Noce (Walnut) – NU03.02.03


Bronze – NU03.01.16

Cherry Wood – NU02.02.19

Dark Alder – NU02.03.30

Dark Chocolate – NU02.02.28

Dark Grey Wood – NU02.03.08

Green Wood – NU02.03.31

Light Grey Wood – NU02.03.11

Light-Winchester – NU02.02.17

Macore – NU02.02.32

Matt Dark Grey – NU02.01.13

Matt White – NU02.01.20

Monument – NU02.03.24

Pyrite – NU03.01.15

Scots Pine – NU02.02.29

White Wood – NU02.03.21

Film structure

Nuewal’s PVC products are finished with decorative and UV resistant foils. The implemented technology offers variety of colors, textures and finishes. Meanwhile it protects the products from decoloration, and prevents the heat built up in the substrate. This technology is a key part of the product design, featuring durability and maintenance free characteristics to PVC cladding.


NueBoard U Profile
2-Piece system (Base & Top)
For ends, inside corners
Exposure width: 1 ”
NueBoard H Profile
2-Piece system (Base & Top)
For transitions
Exposure width: 2”
NueBoard V Profile
2-Piece system (Base & Top)
For outside corners
Exposure width: 1 ”
NueBoard Starter
10’ & 12’-Aluminum