Can be installed both vertical and horizontally, in any commercial or residential project. It's easy to cut and handle nature allows you to perform more complicated designs with ease. Looks great in modern, contemporary and traditional settings. Its clipping mechanism makes for a very clean and durable finish. 

Make sure to visit the Nuewal Finishes for more information about our colours, textures and the design of the films.


NueBoard - Starter.PNG

Nueboard starter profile

for starting panel courses

NueBoard J Trim.jpg

Nueboard J trim

for panel ends and inside corners

NueBoard H profile.jpg

Nueboard H trim

for transition and joints

Nueboard L trim small

NueBoard Small L Profile.png
NueBoard - Medium L Profile.png

Nueboard L trim medium

NueBoard V profile.PNG

Nueboard V trim

for outside corners