About Us

       With the globalization of design and architectural differentiation – NUEWAL Inc. has become a leader in the development of innovative cladding and façade systems.

The NUEWAL product portfolio spans the following range of products aimed at varying market segments:

  • Façades and Wall Systems

  • Cladding Products

  • Expanded Metal Mesh

  • Fences


       NUEWAL building materials are suitable for use in new construction, renovations and modernization of buildings particularly from an aesthetic and technical advantage perspective.Our new PVC cladding profiles offer architectural interest through a decorative effect that simulates the 

look of wood or metal. The use of PVC makes our product suitable to both exterior, as well interior applications with the added benefit of performing to a high standard in various climates.

       In an ongoing effort to provide a complete product portfolio, NUEWAL is collaborating with notable international firms to create innovative architectural surfacing materials and manufacturing techniques. NUEWAL’s research and product development teams are continuously surveying the industry needs with the goal of developing new materials while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

       Our vision guides everything we do. We are a leading manufacturer and distributor of integrated façade systems for the building envelope. We offer customers a complete system of premium quality and customized solutions that can be supplied ready-to-install. This approach can help streamline the process from design to implementation allowing industry professionals access to a very versatile tool for creating award winning spaces.

       NUEWAL values the opportunity to partner with industry leading professionals from architects and fabricators to project developers, investors and end users.

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